Please view the "before and after" videos of Sam standing from his customary thick memory foam pad and from the HipSaver Canine pad. The pressure on the hip while side sleeping, and the wobbly and sinking footing from the quaking foam pad, both conspire against a successful "up and go" performance. These negative factors are absent in the HipSaver Canine pad allowing for a healthy up and go performance.

Sam on his usual memory foam pad

Pressure from bottomed-out memory foam and the stiff pad covering dehydrate the cartilage in the hip causing soreness. When the dog attempts to stand the paws sink deep into the thick memory foam, throwing balance off. The dog then develops hip pain and "fear of falling" and gives up.

Sam on his HipSaver Canine pad

The HipSaver Canine pad offers thousands of microsprings gently flex and relax during the sleep episode, providing gentle low pressure support all night. Yet, the 1"pad provides a very stable standing surface. The hip feels good and the standing is easy!     


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