HipSaver® Orthopedic Crate Pad

Superior Joint Pressure Reduction & Skin Protection for PETS

Now your furry family members can enjoy the same
pressure reduction & skin protection proven successful
in human rehab facilities & hospitals for over 10 years!

Totally launderable with no zipper cover!   

Traditional orthopedic pet pads & beds use memory foams. ONLY HipSaver® orthopedic pads are made of HipSaver MicroSpring® Textile providing floating suspension unlike the static compression of memory foams.



DermaSaver MicroSpring Textile products have been preventing and healing bony prominence decubitus ulcers and skin breakdown for humans in rehab facilities and hospitals since 2006. Now you can relieve & prevent pressure sores, joint pain, callouses, hygromas, and bald spots on your pets.

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