Open Bottom 3 Snap

HipSaver® Open-Bottom™ 3-Snap

Open crotch hip protector designed to wear over incontinence products.

The HipSaver Open Bottom 3- Snap is the perfect solution to make it easy to change incontinence products while reducing soiling of the HipSaver.

  • Machine wash-and-dry within CDC guidelines for infection control
  • Entire unit is launderable and no time consuming pad change out and dealing with lost pads
  • Validated in bio-mechanical testing and actual clinical studies(click to read)
  • Soft, thin (1/2"), sewn in pads, tapered for protection with style
  • Can be worn 24 hours a day

While the original HipSaver Open-Bottom works great for residents who are self-toileting, the HipSaver Open Bottom 3-Snap is worn OVER incontinence products. With just 3 snaps, incontinence products can be changed quickly. And because the crotch area is totally open, there is less chance of soiling the HipSaver. With less soiling you won’t have to change the HipSaver as often.

Best of all, HipSaver Open-Bottom actually protects hips better than bulky or hard-shell protectors. So it’s ideal for fashion-conscious and active elders who are at risk of hip fracture, but reject uncomfortable and obvious hip protection products. The entire unit can be washed and dried at institution regulation temperatures (up to 195°F/90°C).

Measure the circumference around hips.(not a waist measurement)

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