BedderFeet™ Bed Pad

The BedderFeet Bed Pad Explained:

Dump the booties and turn the mattress into a foot/heel protector with the proven Bedderfeet™ protector.

  • Five Layers of Premium DermaSaver MicroSpring Textile*
  • Can be used as a preventive or healing aid
  • Easy to use with high acceptability, allows for easier and safer bathroom trips
  • Reduces Damaging Pressure, Sheer, and Friction on Heels, Malleolus, and Lateral Foot
  • Does not facilitate microbe growth
  • Does not trap moisture like a bootie
  • Totally Machine Wash & Dry, even in institutional laundries
  • Breathable ~ 90% air between fabric and filament layers
  • Stays in Place ~ Super gripping bottom panel & side tucks
  • Latex Free
  • Fits standard twin and hospital beds (35" - 40")

Click below to see a case study of the same 5 layers of construction in a wearable bootie product, the BedderFeet Bed Pad removes the bootie and puts the cushion on the bed:

Click here to read case study!

*The same 5 layers that is used on our Stay Put Heel Protector that achieved healing a heel wound.


Stage II malleolus resolved in 18 days using a wearable 5 layer DermaSaver wearable construction.

We only ship to healthcare facilities and not individuals at their home.

Please go to: DermaSaver Bedderfeet Pad or your item will not ship.

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