Sci-Tex™ - SCT1300

New Test Proves 92% Blockage of Virus & 50% better than cotton: 

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MADE IN THE USA - in Norwood, Massachusetts.

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All models include two layers of water resistant (hydrophobic) material repels airborne droplets (unlike hydrophilic cotton)

  • Soft stretch band attaches behind the ears--no abrasive cutting or hard contact surfaces. Adjustable tension with easy slip-ring adjuster provides a comfortable fit and good perimeter seal.

  • Nose bridge insert molds to the nose making a tight seal.

  • All fabric construction is totally machine wash/dry, over 200 times & does not shrink.

  • No latex or chemical finishes.

  • Smaller and large sizes for a good fit.

  • 100% polyester microfiber.

Three models to choose from:

Standard Model: Perfect for non- eyeglass wearers. Reduces most eyeglass fog for short-duration use as in wearing sunglasses.

Fog~X Model: Specially designed pleated nose cup reduces 90% of eyeglass fog for longer duration wear times.

Speak-EZ Model: Keeps mask from touching your lips with unique mouth bridge.

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